Sunrises are better than sunsets. (at Ivy Manor)


We Love the Casbah and the Allah-las

We were so lucky to make it to this Allah-las show at the Casbah! They are one of our favorite bands, possibly because they just capture that surf-rock vibe so perfectly. And what better place to see them than the Casbah where we can get up close and personal.


IMG_3208 IMG_3209

We picked up their limited edition San Diego poster and their new single.


Snagged a set list of course.


Aaaaand they totally killed it.


Formed in LA, they sort of embody everything we love about Southern California, they casually sport a mixture of vintage western and 70’s surfer dude apparel, and their music just seems right for like any time of day, but mostly for late summer nights running around on the beach drinking lots of cold beer.


A great night full of dancing to our favorite songs and sipping on Black Market Hefeweisen. The Allah-las come to town fairly often, and always at the Casbah, so see them and we’ll see you there!

The Case for the Slouchy Sweatpant

So I’m really into this trend. Maybe it’s because I look at Tumblr for too long. Maybe I really want to look like a hip-hop dancer. Maybe I  just like being cozy.  Maybe Karl Lagerfeld is right and this is really a sign of defeat. I don’t know.

However, I do know that the combination of slouchy and tapered pants, as well as athleticwear crossover are very much on trend. They seem very San Diego as well. This county loves anything that involves wearing something comfortable. These seem to just take it up a notch, making you look effortlessly badass and chill which is especially important when you need something to throw on to be seen on Sunday with the brunch crowd. These are kind of a more casual/warmer version of the pleated trouser look that I am also in love with. Best of all, this is a unisex trend!

I am still searching for the perfect pair at a decent price, but the Sundry pair pictured above are a great splurge piece that can be found a whole bunch of places online. I’m also thinking Urban Outfitters might have styles for both men and women. And for the dudes, don’t forget to check out Todd Snyder’s Champion line for some awesome sweats. Slouchy/harem sweatpants are best worn this season with leather, ankle strap heels or sneakers (converse, nike roshe runs, new balance etc.), green anorak, camouflage, denim and chambray. These will also be a great piece to have into the spring and summer as well. Snuggle up.