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A few months worth of my life straight from the iphone:Father John Misty. Too self-aware for his own good? The original glam cowboy himself, Dwight Yoakam. Wish you could see how tight his jeans were and how sparkly his jacket The amazing Jeffrey Campbells I recieved as a birthday gift When in Rome!  Tuscon, AZ The drive back from Tuscon was beautiful How I look when I eat a plate of perfect…

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The Chaparral Club goes live

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Big Changes are a-foot here on Ivy Street. We feel that ultimately there are two Ivy Readers, those that like the fashion and decor inspiration and those that like the places we go and what we do. This has caused us to create an entirely new place for you to go to discover what we love about life in San Diego and Southern California, and explore the places we eat at, drink at, and travel to as we love to share the time we spend figuring out the best of it.

The Chaparral Club

The Chaparral Club will be your discovery for the best of San Diego, Southern California and Beyond. A place for anyone who wants to join the club of good food, lots of beer, and discovering new things to hear, see, and do.

Don’t worry! The Ivy Street Blog will continue to be a place for fashion and decor. and will still be the reblogger’s heaven