The Ivy Street Weekend: Ballast Point Little Italy


Little India has long been one of San Diego’s top neighborhoods for nightlife, but in recent years/months it has undergone a bit of a revitalization. New shops and restaurants have popped up, supplementing some of the neighborhood mainstays. Most of the action has historically been situated on India St., between Date St. and Grape St., but some of the best new spots in the area lie just a bit north, on the other side of Hawthorn. Trendy Mexican restaurant, El Camino, deserves credit for injecting some life into this end of the neighborhood, as does the relatively new bottle shop, Bottlecraft.


View from the south end of the restaurant. It has a kind of charming cafeteria feel, which works well within the context of the space and its offerings.

One of the newest additions to this little hip-strip of India St. is Ballast Point Tasting Room and Kitchen. Ballast Point is of the nation’s premier craft breweries. Their Sculpin India Pale Ale (IPA) won the Gold Medal at the World Beer Cup in 2010, and they are the recipients of myriad other awards for their innovative and meticulously crafted brews.


Requisite Obvious Caption Information: View of the kitchen

This location features a 50-tap system, with a dazzling array of beers available. They update their taplist on their website with some regularity, so check it out before you go to get an idea of what you might like. They have all of their year-round offerings available, as well as wild variations on old favorites (for example, Ballast Point Thai Ginger Chili Lime Wahoo Wheat).


We couldn’t get a photo quick enough. We were too hungry, and the food was too good.

I had the burger and fries.  The burger, in my opinion, tends to be an excellent barometer of an eating establishment’s overall merit.  Ballast Point’s burger indicated that a second visit would be very much in order.  It was straightforward in its presentation, without extraneous accouterments, and it was cooked to perfection (just on the rare side of medium rare).  The fries had the requisite crunch and retained all the flavor of that delicious oil.  I paired it with Ballast Point’s version of a saison, Brother Levonian.  It represented the style well: prominent banana, clove, and yeasty notes.  This saison was rounded out by a nice citrus sweetness that lingered on the palate for just a moment.  Four stars out of five, in my estimation.



Jaclyn had the calamari.  It was tossed in blue cornmeal crust and served with lemon arrabbiata sauce and sweet aioli.  She paired it with the Ballast Point Thai Ginger Chili Lime Wahoo Wheat; they complemented each other beautifully.


From left to right: the remnants of the Thai Ginger Chili Lime Wahoo Wheat, Navigator Doppelbock, and Victory At Sea

The Doppelbock and Victory At Sea were the perfect “digestifs,” so to speak. Both were high in alcohol, yet smooth, with little carbonation. The Doppelbock tasted like raisin bread, caramelized, apricots, and roasted almonds. The world-renowned Victory At Sea was simply outstanding. It’s an incredibly complex beer, yet each tasting note makes itself abundantly clear. Coffee, chocolate, oak, vanilla and toasted coconut all shone through; it’s a sublime imperial porter.


It can’t be understated how wonderful this new tasting room and kitchen is. That may sound like a rather grand proclamation, but the place has a very understated and comfortable vibe, while simultaneously supplying patrons with the fare of a slightly upper scale establishment. It feels reminiscent of the trendy fast casual joints proliferating throughout the nation’s foodie scene, but Ballast Point makes the concept their own. Their primary focus is beer, of course, and they brew it better than most. Their bartenders are more than happy to imbue imbibers with their vast knowledge of their craft, and the result is a congenial atmosphere marked by knowledge and appreciation for one of San Diego’s proudest and finest contributions to the world: beer.

We recommend this as the perfect place to take an out of town visitor upon picking them up from the airport!

The Ivy Street Weekend: Young Hickory


We were very excited, yet slightly jealous to find out Young Hickory was a coffee and beer joint. We sort of wish we had opened this place, since it combines two of our favorite things. Darn these cool people and their good ideas.

IMG_3159IMG_3162 IMG_3163

The atmosphere is clean and crisp, yet warm and inviting.


A few quirks, like this golden cow on the beginnings of what will surely be an impressive sticker wall, make it feel like a comfortable neighborhood mainstay.


As far as the beer goes, they offer a nice range of canned craft beer, and on the coffee side they offer a nice range of espresso drinks and drip coffee (proudly serving Bird Rock Coffee, one of San Diego’s best roasters). They also have an impressive assortment of panini-pressed sandwiches, salads, and baked goodies.


The offerings affirm the casual atmosphere. We didn’t hesitate to order the house special, A Shot & A Beer, and plop down to do some work.




It’s an ideal spot for working on a college paper or creating new blog posts 🙂

IMG_3174  IMG_3179

We at Ivy Street love good merchandise and merchandising. The branding has the color, design and typeface that just makes you feel all warm and vintage-y inside.


We are especially fond of the mugs and the beer koozies.


So get down to this spot for some casual friend gossip or camp out with your laptop for a homework sesh.