The Ivy Street Weekend: Young Hickory


We were very excited, yet slightly jealous to find out Young Hickory was a coffee and beer joint. We sort of wish we had opened this place, since it combines two of our favorite things. Darn these cool people and their good ideas.

IMG_3159IMG_3162 IMG_3163

The atmosphere is clean and crisp, yet warm and inviting.


A few quirks, like this golden cow on the beginnings of what will surely be an impressive sticker wall, make it feel like a comfortable neighborhood mainstay.


As far as the beer goes, they offer a nice range of canned craft beer, and on the coffee side they offer a nice range of espresso drinks and drip coffee (proudly serving Bird Rock Coffee, one of San Diego’s best roasters). They also have an impressive assortment of panini-pressed sandwiches, salads, and baked goodies.


The offerings affirm the casual atmosphere. We didn’t hesitate to order the house special, A Shot & A Beer, and plop down to do some work.




It’s an ideal spot for working on a college paper or creating new blog posts 🙂

IMG_3174  IMG_3179

We at Ivy Street love good merchandise and merchandising. The branding has the color, design and typeface that just makes you feel all warm and vintage-y inside.


We are especially fond of the mugs and the beer koozies.


So get down to this spot for some casual friend gossip or camp out with your laptop for a homework sesh.